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AUSTIN ST JOHN Creator/ Writer

At age five, Austin began practicing martial arts. He holds a second

degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and a first degree black belt in

Judo. He loves baseball, sushi, and most importantly, his fans. But

beyond all other aspects of his life by far, Austin is best known for

his role as the Original Red Ranger in every country out side of Japan

in the Power Rangers franchise.

When he began his role as Jason Lee Scott (the Red Ranger in the hit

series “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” and the Gold Ranger in

“Power Rangers Zeo”), he had no idea it would lead him to where he

is today. Very few people have enjoyed the same level of notoriety from a single role than has Austin St. John. Since his time on Power Rangers, he has dedicated his life to his community, country and his fans.

Austin spent 16 years in the Fire Dept as Paramedic running 911 calls to people in need at their worst and some times final hour.  Four of his years as a medic in the Middle East for the War.  He retired in 2014 and re-fell in love with all that the show and its fans represent even more than before!  From Movies, TV, Comicon appearances and providing memorabilia, he has spent his time doing as much as he possibly can for his fans, to whom he attributes his success. The love fans share for the show inspires Austin to always deliver at the highest level. Because of his dedication to his supporters, Austin personally handles each and every transaction at St. John Enterprises and oversees all customer service.

Feel free to browse our wide selection of Power Rangers merchandise and superhero memorabilia and revisit your love for some of your favorite characters. If you have any questions, contact our team at St. John Enterprises.

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CHRIS HAYS Writer/ Project Manager

Chris Hays is an American writer and co-Founder of Charter comics.

Some of Chris' works include the hit series Don't Pay The Ferryman where he was nominated for writer of the year in 2021.

Chris specializes in the horror/thriller genre where some of his books such as The Detour, The Mortician and Fields of Fear have gone on to record sales. 

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DJ HALL Interior Artist

My name is Don Jason Hall but you can call me D. J. I’m a Texas native that

currently resides in Colorado. Shortly after high school, I realized college wasn’t

for me and enlisted in the United States Air Force. I served six amazing years. I

met my wife, Stephanie, while in the service and we have two beautiful daughters

named Abigail and Madison. During my time stationed in Las Vegas, Nevada, I

attended my first ever comic con in 2016. I instantly fell in love with this world. I

looked over to my friend and told him that “this is what I wanted to do” after my

enlistment was complete. I separated honorably in 2017 and moved home to

Texas and began drawing every single day in my spare time and haven’t stopped.

I dabbled in Architecture School and even in some video game design classes but

none of that stuck. Along the way, I met some amazing artists and creators that put me on the path to get me to where I am today. I’m thankful for all the opportunities and friendships that have come from me, just simply, chasing a dream.

I am a self-taught artist and have been drawing as far back as I can remember. I love to do traditional artwork; my favorite being color pencil realism. I also love to paint with acrylic, use graphite, ink, marker and anything in between. I do pride myself on being able to use many different mediums and do many different styles of art. I love drawing anything from realism and portraits to cartoons and comic-style art. I’ve recently gotten into digital art and now love it equally as much.

As a freelance artist, I’ve worked on many covers and a few interiors for companies such as Image Comics, Charter Comics, Aequitas Comics and many other various Indie Companies and Titles. My most notable,  recent projects have been a covers for Independent books such as Stray Dogs: Dog Days 2, Don’t Pay the Ferryman, Ferryman Origins, multiple covers for The Disputed Territory, The Detour, The Detour presents…The Hunt, Dreamers of Andalon-Pirates Cove…a comic adaptation of an Amazon Best Selling Novel and winner of the 2021 Independent Press Awards and finally…RedEmpt1on.

For this project, I plan to combine my love for all styles of art into one and give the reader a beautiful set of interior art that does this story justice. I hope my passion and love for what I do shows through in my work and you enjoy what this amazing team has put together.

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KEN R. SALINAS Cover Artist/ Co-Writer

Ken R Salinas has been a full time artist for or nearly a decade. Founding partner for ShortFuse Studios until March 2020 You can find his art work at Flix movie theatres across the country where he actively does showings for movie premieres. He graced the covers of many independent comic books, including the Mortician, Don't Pay the Ferryman, and The Hunt. Published in the big three, Image comic issues such as Stray Dogs Dog Days, Department of Truth, Ice Cream Man, Twig, Hellcop and even SkyBounds' I hate this Place. Freelanced for Lucas Arts/Bioware and is credited in Star Wars Knights of the Republic and recently Owns and trademarked an apparel line on Amazon with his VooDoodz which are a voodoo doll inspired pop culture character illustration line.

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DAVID SANCHEZ Co-Writer/ Cover Artist

David Sanchez is a Professional Freelance Comic Book Artist that specializes in Charcoal/Graphite based Photo Realism. David has been involved in the comic book industry for 4 years now and has worked with several of the top publishers in the industry such as DC Comics (Harley Quinn) Image Comics (Department of Truth, Ice Cream Man, HAHA), BOOM! Entertainment (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Something is Killing the Children, Dark Blood), Dynamite Publishing (Vampirella), IDW Publishing (The Last Ronin), Aftershock Comics (We Live, Bunny Mask, Land of the Living Gods) and Charter Comics (The Forgotten Isle, The Mortician, Don't Pay the Ferryman). David's freelance work has also led to other opportunities such as working with organizations like The Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and Beckett Media (Sports Artist Member).

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COLE HAYS  Co-Writer/ Cover Artist

Cole Hays, is a digital artist and writer located in Fort Worth, Texas. Some of his covers include Ferryman Origins, Do You Pooh, Disputed Territory, and more. Two of his covers have been published in Zobie Productions subscription boxes. He attends comic cons around Texas yearly and works as a manager at Pastime Comics in Watauga, Texas.

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McLAIN McGUIRE  Letterer/ Designer/ Project Manager

McLain McGuire lives in the Austin, Texas area where he can be found in his studio

creating, lettering, and designing comics as well as working on other designs and

graphics like promotion materials, websites, Kickstarters, graphic novels, social

media fliers, and etc. McLain is happily married with two amazing kids and two

crazy dogs. He is an established musician and has been in the music industry for

over twenty-nine years as well as working in the comic industry for over sixteen


McLain takes every opportunity he can to work on Indy and Professional Comics to

show his continuous support in the industry as well as give his own creativity in the

process. He’s worked on many titles such as Cavewoman Razors Run and Metal Edge #1 and #2 by Basement Studios/ Amryl Dark Entertainment. CCP Comics titles such as Super Crazy Animal Hand #1 and #2, The Other, Dead Robot Volume 1, SYSTiM #1 and #2, Electron Boy, Father Faust #1-#4, Lady Khimera, and Clean up. He’s worked with creator/ artist Bill Andres of WAS Illustrations/ CCP Comics Productions on Bill’s creator own title Gentleman Ninja. McLain can also be credited for his lettering and designs in the four hit titles from Short Fuse Studios, The Defectives (On-going series currently on issue 5.), Morbid Musings #1 and #2, and Vitals #1. He’s also working on the Hellbringers, Hellbringers Jengarr and Shredd, Hellbringers Dawn of the Devil, and Hellbringers Hellpug titles by Mark May and Chad Harding. Nottie & Nyce Zombie Edition, Payback, and recently completing letters for Nottie and Nyce issues #9 and #10, along with Battle Fairy and the Yeti with creator/ writer/ artist Marat Michaels. McLain is very excited about working as an artist, letterer, designer, project manager, and partner with great friend Chris Hays at Charter Comics formally known as 4 Leaf Comics on titles like The Forgotten Isle mini-series, Churchill Manor, Don’t Pay The Ferryman mini-series, Fields of Fear, The Mortician, Beyond the Shadows, Ferryman Origins, Until it Sleeps (3 issue mini-series.) and The Detour mini-series. He’s been credited for the design of Michael Hinson’s creator own title The Disputed Territory #4 cover as well as credited for lettering edits and dialogue reads. McLain has also been working with creator/colorist Wes Hartman on his creator own title Savage Sasquanant taking over lettering as of issue 3 completing up to issue 5 of the six issue mini-series. Working with Aequitas Comics - Rob Dieterle and Tone Rodriguez on OMG! A Horror Anthology #1 and #2. And adding to his resume, working with Paul Gomez on the new Booshie Boo Circus Mysteries comics and The Chosen with the Corvus Comics group.

Among all the lettering, McLain has completed many designs and setups such as working on eleven different Kickstarters with designs and managing over the last year of 2019-2021. McLain gives his absolute best in everything he works on. He helps with advice, suggestions, and creative processes where its asked. When McLain is not in the studio working on comics he’s a stay at home dad seven days a week. McLain is credited in the comic industry as a letterer and designer for Indy and major Publishers for over one hundred titles streaming.

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Jennifer Villarreal, is owner of Collametta Ink and has been an artist all of my life. From drawing horses and tracing Comic books at at a young age, to drawing abstract pieces, to finally finding an outlet for my artwork by putting them on cups. I make tangible artwork that can be used in the everyday environment...artwork that has a function.

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Elisa Delgado and Brian Smith: We are comic book lovers who live in Fort Worth, TX with our two dogs. We were given a wonderful opportunity to edit comics for Charter Comics, which include “Ferryman Origins,” “Beyond the Shadows,” “Psycho” Sal,” and “Cryptic Haze.” We have enjoyed the editing process and the chance to work with some very talented creators. We look forward to future endeavors in editing.


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fyndyou® is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency focused on customized strategies and dedicated to helping customers discover your brand.

With a focus in the entertainment industry, we are thrilled to be part of the Redemp1oncomics team and the positive messages in the series.

When you partner with us, our focus is to first get you found across online platforms and get results. 

Our clients receive personalized approaches to social media, SEO, website design, e-commerce, graphic design, and copywriting, press, all tailored to your companies unique needs.

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